Urban Interior Design

Urban design is unique in the sense that it is almost exclusively renovations. Whether it is freehold, townhome or condo, renovations are some of the most daunting and complex forms of construction to undertake.

It requires strict budget management, an in-depth knowledge of building techniques used over the past 100 years and how to bring them up to code, as well as excellent supervision and the ability to adjust as the renovation uncovers issues.

Space constraints (generally urban projects tend to have more space challenges) require us to be creative on how to make the most of the building.  Thinking outside of the box sometimes requires us to pursue paths that may not be obvious but work best for our clients and their lifestyles.

We excel at challenges!

We pride ourselves in coming up with innovative design solutions that allow us to modernize old floor plans without sacrificing the character of a home.  At times this may involve moving entire walls, or plumbing, or knocking out an old fireplace in favour of a more suitable alternative.  However, at all times, we listen.

Our clients are members of the team, too.  We look at each project as a collaboration, where our role is to bring our 35 years of experience to the group and make sure that each decision is done with as much foresight and planning as possible.

We are experts in our field, however, each home belongs to our client and it is important that the stamp we put on it speaks of our client and not us.

We can handle a bedroom, bathroom or even playroom renovation just as easily as a total home renovation.  We can tailor our services to our clients’ needs, depending on their budget, comfort and time frame.

Even if all that is needed is a furniture update, we can assist.  Our goal is to build long-term relationships that help our clients make decisions about their homes easier with less fear of a wrong step.  Considering that a home is one of the single biggest investments in our lives, working with professionals to guide these decisions is practically essential.